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Solor Plus is dedicated to delivering top-notch vacation rentals in Eastern Istria. We offer an impressive selection of properties featuring exciting amenities and stunning sea views for a fabulous and relaxing experience. Whether you're planning a summer getaway, a week-long family vacation, or a corporate stay, Solor Plus has the perfect property to suit your needs. Our team possesses extensive knowledge and a genuine passion for everything the Istria Peninsula has to offer.

We understand that holidays are crucial for families and friends alike, and our personalized and committed service reflects our enthusiasm for ensuring a memorable experience. Regardless of the size or value of your investment, rest assured that we will provide you with innovative and reliable property management solutions every step of the way.

As we expand our services, we're pleased to introduce a charming boutique hotel in the historic district of Labin. Mirakul Residence premium rooms are centrally located, providing a distinctive and delightful experience of the old town.


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