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1. Introduction
SOLOR PLUS j.d.o.o., tourist agency, Jadranska 27, 52221 Rabac, Croatia, VAT: 69445855509 (hereinafter referred to as the agency) that rents accommodation units in the name and on behalf of the owner on the basis of concluded contracts with the owners of the facilities. Before booking, the guest is obliged to get acquainted with all the conditions and special features of each accommodation facility and location.
All conditions stated here apply equally to all reservations and all persons, i.e. apply equally to the reservation holder, other guests, agencies, guest staff, friends and visitors.


2. Reservation
The reservation is valid from the moment of confirmation of the agency. In order for the reservation to be valid, two conditions have to be fulfilled:

  • the reservation holder has to be at least 18 y.o.,
  • guest has paid a deposit of 50% of the reservation.

After the inquiry or reservation, each guest will be sent instructions for payment of the deposit and all information about the reservation and special conditions if they are not defined in these general conditions of reservation. The guest is obliged to make the payment within 24 hours of receiving payment instruction, in which period the agency will block the requested dates, and the guest is obliged to send the agency a confirmation of payment. After the guest delivers the payment confirmation and the payment is visible on the account (IBAN), the reservation is considered confirmed. If the guest does not make the payment within 24 hours of received payment instruction, it is considered that the reservation is not confirmed, or that it is cancelled, and the agency will open the requested dates for further reservations without any obligation to the guest and any obligation to compensate for missed reservation.


3. Payment
Payments are made by bank transfer to the bank account stated in the payment instruction, which is provided by the agency. Payment is made in two parts. The first part in the amount of 50% deposit as a confirmation of the reservation and the second part of 50% up to 30 days before arrival.


4. Cancellation / changes
If you cancel at least 30 days before you check in, you will get a refund completely. If you cancel at least 14 days before check-in, you will get a 50% refund of the amount you paid. If you cancel less than 13 days before check-in, you won't get a refund.

After confirming the reservation, the guest can send a request to change the reservation, which is not binding, the agency will, depending on the request and possibilities, inform the guest whether a change of reservation is possible or not. The impossibility of complying guests request for change the above conditions of cancellation always apply. The guest cannot cancel free of charge if his request is not complied with.

5. Arrival / departure – check in / check out
All arrivals are scheduled after 4 p.m. and departures are until 10 a.m. Early arrivals and later departures are only possible if the agency approves them separately, and they depend on whether there is a changeover of guests on that day. If the guest does not respect the arrival and departure time, the agency reserves the right to charge a security deposit and an additional night at special increased prices.
In case the guest does not show up on the scheduled date and time of arrival, the reservation and the property will be kept 24 hours, and in case it passes 24 hours without notification from the guest of the new arrival date or time, the agency reserves the right to reopen the property for other reservations.


6. Travel documents
Upon arrival, guests are required to show valid travel documents (identity card or passport) for registration in the e-visitor system of the Republic of Croatia.


7. Accommodation unit
The description, pictures, and location of the property are correct. Accommodation properties do not fall under hotels and as such should not have the same criteria as hotels. Not all luxury properties need to contain the same facilities and services. Properties can be used exclusively for holidays.
The number of people in the property may not exceed the allowed or prescribed, including children of all ages, except for accommodation units that offer free accommodation to children up to 4 years in special beds. If there are more people staying in the property than allowed, the agency is entitled to request that the excess persons leave the property, and if this is refused, the agency may ask all guests to leave the property without a refund.
In some properties, pets are not allowed, but the agency is not responsible for possible allergic reactions.
Smoking is prohibited in all properties and in the case of smoking, the entire damage deposit will be charged.
Guests are required to use the pool with due attention, listening to all instructions received by the agency. Prolonged use of the pool is not recommended. Children are not allowed to use the pool without supervision of an adult.

8. Security deposit / damages
In case of damage, guests are required to pay for the same. The agency will inform them of the amount of damage. Guests are not required to leave a security deposit upon arrival, but the same does not affect the obligation to pay the full amount of damage if the amount of damage exceeds the given security deposit.
Guests are required to report any damage to the accommodation immediately.

9. House rules / guest behavior
During their stay, guests are required to respect the house rules in the properties. In the event of a breach of house rules, danger to the property and exposure to damages, the agency reserves the right to terminate the contract / terminate the reservation without refund. The agency will first warn guests of inappropriate behaviour.

10. Personal data and documentation
The agency will keep all information and documentation of guests as a business secret in accordance with local provisions on personal data protection.

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